s p r i n g

Short video from last year where I used Boomerang app.

I have no idea how to make this video smaller. Anyway, it is FINALLY Spring! I am so happy the sun is out. My daughter loves being outdoors and roaming around.

I have put spring decor in the house and it’s just so lovely. It’s so lovely in fact that I can leave it for the summer too. 🙂 Here are a few photos! [Edited 4-4-19]

I am SO happy it turned out so well!! Majority of the items I bought from Michael’s (fake flowers, the eggs, the colored jars, the white bird house, the three clear vases along with the wooden holder) Then I went to Hobby Lobby (Keys holder, arch window) and three items from Target (Post envelope holder, “Love Grows Here” wooden house — both were from Bulls Eye Dollar Spot — and a beautiful green wreath from Hearth & Hand)

Although, it is not pictured I also bought a beautiful cake stand and a black house latern from Hearth & Hand [Edited 4-4-19].

Garland + Bird from Michael’s.

I have seen multiple pictures of lovely designs I plan to do in the future (thanks Pinterest and Instagram for the inspiration). I could easily bake a cake for it, but it’s just too pretty. Here are a few that I really loved (link in photo):

via woldengafamilyfarms



via bugandbrookie



via jessica_baker9


I hope you’re having a richly blessed week!


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