freedom + understanding


“We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.
It’s miserable and magical. ”
-Taylor Swift; 22-

Good morning! It has been raining for the last few days and so gloomy outside. My daughter and I are staying in the house preoccupying ourselves with Sesame Street and anything on PBS Kids. Whoever created Pinkalicious and Odd Squad wasn’t in their right mind. I skip those episodes purposefully because I don’t think my daughter will learn anything with those shows. I cringe, to be honest even thinking about those shows.

Today I am focusing on my past and when I lived the single life. How I budgeted and learned to live within my means!

green leaves

I am going to share some photos of my first ever apartment I lived in on my own. It was a mixture of independence, freedom, confusion, happiness, loneliness, etc. I immediately think of Taylor Swift’s “22” song. 🙂 I absolutely love Taylor Swift btw. I went to see her Taylor Swift, Speak Now and Reputation tour. If only I had money to see all of them, but thankfully, she had a few concert DVDs which I own to fill the void of not being there during her Fearless, Red and 1989 tour. Well, Red doesn’t have a DVD but I am so grateful for YouTube to be able to see some clips.

ANYWAY, getting sidetracked… I found an apartment which was fairly close to the church I attended. My initial goal while finding an apartment was within my budget, close to the church I attend. I was very active in the church I attended with small groups for singles, youth leader for junior high and high school girls, women’s bible study on Saturdays, etc. I absolutely loved it and was SO blessed to have a wonderful support system if I had any trouble, and another plus… one of my best friends lived right across the street from me so we always hung out and ate at Chipotle after church on Sundays or random trips to Sonic during the week. I loved the freedom of just calling her and we were hanging out. We were both single and appreciated the time and friendship together. 🙂

My apartment was a one bedroom, one bath, an amazing walk in closet (which sold me because I have so many clothes!) and it was just perfect for me. Here are some photos!

My FIRST apartment keys! I cropped the picture to not display my apartment number. Anyway, I thought I was so cool to have my own keys.
This is the entrance coming into my apartment. I bought this lamp at Target.

This table was donated from one of the lovely ladies from my women’s Bible study and it was a great addition. I did not have ANY furniture so asking friends from church and looking at Goodwill helped out immensely. In the photo are of my parents which I absolutely love! A handmade cross made by one of the church members at my dad’s church growing up, and a beautiful frame of artwork made by my best friend as a house warming gift!

Another desk that was donated to me! I put all my envelopes (blank, thank you cards, etc.) and journals in there for safe keeping and it was very useful and necessary during my time in my apartment. I put this desk in my bedroom.

This is my little kitchen area. I went to Goodwill to buy various essentials I need in the kitchen.

Little dining area! The table and chairs (not the best quality photo) were gifted to me by one of the lovely ladies from my church! She knew a friend who had this set in his garage that he never used so it was given to me. 🙂 Before I moved into my husband’s house, I donated the table and chairs to Goodwill. I bought this clock from Target. I donated that clock to Goodwill, too.

This is my family room!

I was also given a couch from a couple at church and was so happy to receive it. While I was at Goodwill I was able to buy a coffee table and TV stand. Thankfully, I saved up my money (maybe during my tax refund one year?) I bought a smart TV.

An empty bedroom.

This is my bathroom. I bought the shower curtain at Target. After I moved up here I had all my boxes in storage. Shortly before my husband and I got married I took all my furniture and boxes out of storage and I gave the shower curtain to Goodwill.

My favorite part of my apartment. Look at all that room!

I had lived in this apartment for two years and it was incredible. I must admit, though, there were few months it was very tight budget wise. During my apartment (single) lifestyle I cutback and did not have internet the first year I lived there. I was able to find a second job to work on weekends and that helped eliminate some of my payments. I used my second job to pay my phone bill. The second year I lived in my apartment I decided to get internet and began schooling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with working full time, second job part time and going to school full-time so that added more debt and stress for me.

I think it is so essential to experience living on your own while your single to learn about how you discipline yourself with your money and what your priorities are. There was so much freedom to live on my own and learning to be responsible. I loved everything about it.

All in all, my debt free journey during this chapter in my life was very slow paced. I learned a lot of about budgeting and learning to not use too much of the water, or the electricity. Learning to have a limited amount of buying during the grocery store.

The only setback I had living in my apartment was: I was literally a block away from Starbucks and I went there ALL THE TIME and ordered a latte. It wasn’t in my budget, I knew I couldn’t afford and I went anyway. I was surprised they didn’t know my name or my order by memory. I also went there frequently to use my laptop. Then I discovered a library not too far from my apartment where I went to instead (after realizing my spending at Starbucks) so that helped eliminate my impulsive buying at Starbucks.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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