bloom where you are planted

Calendar from Minted Sugar. Tabs from Foxy Fix. Pen from Target. Cash Envelopes from Budget Addict.

What are you goals for this month?

Good afternoon and a happy new month of goals! This month I decided to redo one of my goals from last month (again) to not spend any fun money at Target, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Those stores are quite an obsession for me, obviously, so I’ve been pretty great and not spending anything so far.

Secondly, I want to actively participate in women’s bible study/read the Bible more. When I used to live down south I was very active in participating various church functions and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, there are moments when you do transition to a new area you won’t find a church that you can automatically be able to connect with.

Third, pray more and set the example for my daughter. I used to actively text family and friends for any prayer requests I can do for them and save the lists I was given. While my husband and I were dating I sent an audio prayer through text message or fb messenger almost everyday for him and, I must admit, I am such a slacker! So I need to be back into the routine of getting my prayer life as part of my everyday life routine like I used to be.

green leaves

||M A R C H U P D A T E||
My Google Pixel is paid in FULL. I am so thankful that our monthly phone bill will be lower from now on! Personally, I am not a fan of additional monthly payments for a phone (or anything really) but happy to be DONE with paying an additional $27.08 for our phone bill. Although that amount doesn’t seem significant, it definitely can go somewhere else that is needed.

Goals for April:
Hoping to pay off my doctor bill and a portion of the dentist bill this month. I would prefer to pay the dentist bill in full, but that’s what baby steps are for and definitely a budget! I summarized our January-March spending and see what the average is for groceries, gas and fun money. We still need practice on living within our means, but we’re trying and focused!

rc - comparison
via Rachel Cruze

The title I decided is to learn to bloom with your faith in Jesus, your personal life, your money management and to not compare yourself to others. You are where you are for a reason and just keep your chin up and you will get your goals accomplished!


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