bring forth


-Written by Me-
A mother full of love and light.
Her eyes see joy.
Her mouth speaks words of kindness.
Her heart silently prays for goodness.

She displays grace within the imperfections of life.
She faces adversity through humility.
She delights in truth.
She delights in giving.
Most importantly, she delights in passion to those around her.

A woman who comforts those who needs longing.
A woman whose faithfulness never wavers.
A woman who whispers, “I love you” is more than just three words.

I love you means, a warm hug.
I love you means, patience
I love you means, peace.
I love you means, joy.
I love you means, sacrifice.
I love you means, home.

Happy Mother’s day to women in every aspect of love: for those carrying a baby but lost, for selflessly adopting a child who didn’t have a home but you created it (also in her heart), for those who used other methods to conceive and lastly to the mother’s who are in Jesus heavenly arms.

Especially to my mother and mother in law. You both have taught me different ways of unconditional love and I cannot ask for anyone better to be by my side. Thank you for continually teaching me to be the best mother for my two girls not only by loving them both, but by teaching them to love God, His goodness and mercy to them everyday. ♥️


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