“C” is for…


Left: Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cory’s favorite!)
Right: Almond Cookies (my favorite!)

Last year for Mother’s Day I told Cory, originally, that I wanted a white Kitchen Aid Mixer, but thankfully enough Cory’s aunt graciously gave me her Kitchen Aid Mixer (which was white!!) which she had stored in the closet due to upgrading a bigger size. I must say, I absolutely love it!

I have been baking various treats and the two pictures I displayed are my personal favorite “go to” cookies.

Here are the recipes I got them from: Chocolate Chips + Almond Cookies

I have been so blessed to have another child (blessings #2!) and, although, nursing isn’t my FAVORITE thing to do. I am truly thankful for being able to pump where my daughter can still receive my milk. I am also thankful (through my insurance – fully paid) I was able to upgrade to a newer pump (Motif Luna) and it has definitely helped. My previous one (Medela) was given to me from my sister-in-law, but I thought it was too loud during the early mornings I had to pump.

I have been trying to research any ways I am able to produce my milk supply and while I was looking through various websites, I wasn’t a fan of the pricing they had when I wanted to buy lactation cookies, or other sweet treats.

Cory and I are currently on baby step 2 and I knew it wasn’t in our budget to just buy impulsively (which I used to behave that way! Womp womp.) and I discovered this lovely instagram account: The Miller Affect and on her blog she posted a recipe for lactation cookies and it will definitely be in the budget! I will definitely make them this week and hope I am able to produce more (because she drinks so much milk!). If not, I am grateful for formula as a substitute and being able to feed my daughter either way. 🙂

I also found a recipe on Pinterest for lactation oatmeal too, so I will attempt to eat that every morning. I honestly don’t eat oatmeal daily, but learning to eat healthier for breakfast.


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