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Good afternoon!

I found this on TBM Family Group on Facebook and I just HAD to save this quote because it can definitely relate! I discovered The Budget Mom in April after Dave Ramsey re-posted a picture of her officially being Debt Free. I fell in love with her method on how to budget everything. I then bought various items from her website and it has been an absolute life changer for me.

I am a visual person and need to see and write everything versus digitally. I still have trouble figuring out how to use the calendar on my phone!

  • The Budget by Paycheck (The workbook sold out so fast and I was unable to get it, however, I am VERY happy I bought the printable versions and customize how I want it.)
  • Meal Planner (I am not even halfway done with inventory!)

If you decide not to spend money, please go to her free resource tab.

Not the best quality of lighting in this photo, but this is our meal plan for this month. It has helped significantly! 🙂

After calculating every category for the month (where did my money go), it has honestly has been very hard to be on budget with our grocery shopping. I normally go to Aldi’s to help with the cost, but there are some brands and specific items my husband prefers at Walmart. Also, we have to get the necessities (diapers, formula, etc.) for our girls.

I am so thankful that my husband started a garden in June and we have so many vegetables coming in which will help our cost on produce!

We have a good handful of: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, cucumbers, etc.

The past few months has been very slow placed with paying off debt. I am hoping by the end of the year we will be able to pay some of it off: doctor bill (myself $200 and my eldest daughter $350), dentist bill (I have horrible teeth! $1,420), tempur pedic bill ($1,606.61). I have a big chunk of my school loans (navient $26,000 UGH) to pay back and, oh goodness, I really regret it after paying them $330 every month. That would be a good investment for my girls savings for college! But alas, I am thankful my husband and I are going to teach them about being debt free and to NOT make my mistakes.

I am reconsidering my thoughts on the CC and I stated in a previous post that it is okay to have a CC. Which, truly, it is for someone who can control and budget their spending. For me, personally, I am a SPENDER and the CC really stresses me out. Thankfully, my husband and I pay our CC in full every month so there’s no “gaining debt” on that end. I have been better not impulsively spending money online through Amazon or Target, but I am happy I have slowly learned to know what is an emotional purchase, or a practical purchase… I just need to learn not to be stressed!

We did have a conversation one night and my husband asks “what do you get from using a debit card?” My response, “no monthly bill statement.” We have a CC for air miles and he likes to accumulate those. Anyway, I just need to breathe and be thankful.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re having a lovely week!


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