my beloved

Motto for the bride and groom: We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract. |Phyllis Koss|

Good afternoon! I had this post on draft for quite some time. Figuring out a way to post this with as much gentleness and sincerity.

Pictured above was a letter I wrote to my future husband. I was currently single and I remember vividly how I prayed and prayed and prayed to someday have a husband who wanted the same thing as I did. Most importantly, to love the Lord with All His Heart, Body, and Soul.

I also remember during my blessings of being single of identifying a list of pros and cons of what I would want for my future husband, but realized when the time did come when God brought Cory and I together: his attributes and everything wasn’t even on the list I originally created. It was better, brighter, complimented what I needed versus what I thought was best for me.

To single women out their aching to be loved: be diligent of your priority of what your foundation is (Jesus!), but also open to know God will give you someone who will be beyond and better than what you originally expected or dreamed of. Patience is better said than done, but definitely worth it.

Don’t rush, don’t change who you are as a person. Let the man pursue YOU in such a Godly way and know you are worthy and the man God has for you will see it full well and love you the way you are and will be the light beside you that will make you shine more.

Also remember that your husband isn’t the only person who will make you whole and give you everything to be content. Remember others that are surrounding you (family, friendships, etc.) who will be beside you too.

I have seen relationships from friends which have been toxic. Always argued, always wanted to be in control, always back and forth on being together. Losing interest on being protective and not aiming for the best for the significant other and their future whether you’re with them or not. I have learned more recently that:

One cannot fall into and out of love. You choose it or reject it.
Marriage is the promise to choose love every time. (via Twitter)

Ending this post knowing that relationships take a lot of work! There are days which are so hard and communication is tough. There are days where it is so joyful and everything clicks. Importantly, there are our “everyday” knowing Jesus is with us to hold each of us accountable to be present for each other, to pray and to support each other.

By all means, my marriage to my husband isn’t perfect, but with our imperfections where God continues to show us, not only our flaws to grow, but our perfect commitment to Him who is able to do All Things at the core of our relationship. |Ephesians 3:20|

green leaves


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