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Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already. |C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity|

Good morning!

Yesterday my parents celebrated 48 years of being married! I am so blessed to have them as an example of marriage. A committed devotion to be with each other through thick and thin, joyous times and sad times.

I wanted to share this post about a dream, a wish list, a common goal for my marriage and family. Seeing the example and how many years my parents have been together have given me an idea with what I want for the future. A good and Godly outcome.

I have daydreamed constantly about this and even written everything down to motivate me… After all the stress of being in debt and, someday, joyously saying we’re DEBT FREE, I have listed multiple (only) emergency savings account for a year (if we don’t have any income coming in):

  • Utility Savings – Electricity, water, landline, cell phone, insurance for our vehicles & house insurance
  • Medical Savings – Various insurances & dental fees
  • Household Savings – Gas & Propane, House Taxes, Sticker Renewal, Vehicle Maintenance
  • College Savings – for both my girls and it’s fully funded. As long as they work hard to get a lot of scholarships and grants. No, no, noooo school loans.

I have also written out a dream list of sinking funds which we take out money every month which totals around $600! Sometimes unexpected expenses occur, i.e. holidays or birthdays quickly approaches and I prefer using those fun festivities in cash and not have a hefty billing statement for the upcoming month.

  • House Taxes (womp womp!)
  • Renewal Sticker fee (for each vehicle)
  • Gas & Propane
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Girls Birthday
  • My Husband’s Birthday
  • Our Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Christmas
  • Vacation (primarily for food and outings)

I also considered a sinking fund for doctor & dental appointments and the girls college, however, if I round it up it would be an additional $1000 every month and we’re just not there yet. So maybe I could save doctor & dental fees for a year and use that for the upcoming year. We shall see.

I yearn to be worthy and know I am using the income God blessed my family with in a good way. To not be selfish or feeling obligated to having to work more long hours, to give like no one else and have the freedom of not worrying about who is taking our money away.

Lastly! I also have a wish list of items I want to save for:

  • iPhone: As much as I rave about having a Google Pixel. The one I currently have is my 3rd phone since 2016 and I just want to feel confident knowing a big electronic purchase I have will last a long time and won’t have any mishaps, or be replaced every year. The last time I had an iPhone (5s) was in 2016. Kind of, regret switching phone brands, but alas, I have learned. The phone I was looking at is around $750 to save up! So, hopefully after we are debt free maybe it’ll be a bit cheaper.
  • Scanner for receipts and documents: My older brother was so KIND to give me a scanner he used when he traveled to work. It has helped immensely with scanning important documents my husband receives and our receipts. However, I would love an updated and more advanced scanner so I won’t complain when my current scanner freezes.
  • DIY dipping powder for my nails: I currently bought a nail set for using gel nails, however, they immediately get chipped because I am very rough with my nails due to cleaning the house and washing the dishes. I want a little beauty for myself among the messiness of my house and my girls screaming sometimes haha.

Well, there’s my fun little list. I hope your week has been richly blessed.


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