lifting up my heart

-Skillet; Stars-
“But til you come, and you call to me by name.
If you could hold the stars in place,
you can hold my heart the same.
So here I am lifting up my heart
to the One who holds the stars.”


eventide 7-29-16

Happy Friday! I want to say that I adore sunsets, and I try to take as many photos as possible. When I was growing up I had an amazing view of the sunset every night. Although, I am no longer residing in the small town and be enamored by the endless beauty. I am so thankful there are different locations where I can view beautiful sunsets and this sight is one of my favorites!

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bountiful goodness + mercy

Hello 🙂 One of my previous blogs I paraphrased Ruth 1:16 (favorite Bible verse!) and I was so excited to find a beautiful little gem at Mardel’s… a new addition to my car. 🙂

bountiful goodness + mercy 7-25-16

In other news, life has been wonderful. I am continually thanking God for these little blessings in my life and what ever endeavor he has for me in the future.

When I think of Ruth 1:16, I am in complete awe by the obedience she had for Naomi and to God. It’s so refreshing to see her faith and how God held her hand so tightly along the way and she didn’t let go. There are times in my life that I want to let go, I casually refused to be obedient and run somewhere that is easier. In reality: I should face different situations which will help me learn to grow and to understand my own character that is pleasing in God’s eyes.

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When I first moved down to the south, I was absolutely terrified to be leaving my hometown. Coincidentally, it was the same town where I exhausted the subject of “I never want to live here when I am older.” I was in disbelief with my thoughts and they became a reality. I was in the south, unaware of the atmosphere and the people.

I actively searched for various churches and fell in love with the appearance of this church. I hesitated at first due to the size of the church, but then realized I should go anyway. Thanks to my resistance of so called “fear” this is how I met my best friend.

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june nineteenth

june nineteenth

Happy Father’s Day! 🙂 My older brother took this picture and I adore this photo so much. As my niece looks up at my dad smiling, so do we looking up to the heavens and God is smiling down on  us, too. There is such an impact when it comes to family when it comes to a Godly man in the household, and my dad is truly a humble man. A man who serves the Lord completely. I admire that.

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