solitary + yearning

“She won’t falter easy. she’ll be careful. she’ll be coy. But still she paints her heart among the musings of a boy. At the break of morning, the day awaits her when she sleeps. Deep inside her dreams is all the beauty that she keeps. If you find her, tell her that I love her. If she hears you, ask her heart to come.” 
[Future of Forestry | If You Find Her]

I have had a lot of time to mingle with new friends, long conversations with old ones and have the opportunity to be with my dear family.

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together, we are triumphant

-Text by me // Made with Studio App
Lately, I have been feeling a heaviness on my mind where I have been guilty of worry + doubt about my current life, or what will happen with my future and where I should go. I have learned to appreciate His good and gracious will towards me and I need to learn to  b r e a t h e.

I also know my contentment this evening won’t last. That’s a flaw of our flesh where we allow our “timetable” to be in control rather than God’s. His Will, will always be timeless. We just need to let go of our blind optimism.

There are certainly moments in life that I receive a tug of God’s calming love and I don’t allow it to be within me because I am not trusting Him. However, I am grateful that God allows these moments of His calming love in my heart. Everyday. A simple reminder of Him saying, “I am here. Come, my child. You are SO loved!”

Remember: we are richly blessed and God knows our weaknesses and changes them into strength. When we’re on His side, we will always know we will be triumphant!


genuine beauty

This gift (picture below) was given to me four years ago during Christmas and I am so grateful for it. I have it hanging up on my fridge as a reminder that, although, some days are very trying and challenging with the children – I keep my chin up and know I am where I need to be. God has blessed me with this talent of patience and strength for this profession.

Last week has been a very special moment for me. This blog post is a very personal one for me to share. I am proud to announce I have been working with children and adolescents who have Autism and other developmental delays for seven years. I am ecstatic! When I was first introduced to this profession I never knew how much meaning it will be for me.

Seven years later… I’m still learning.

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sweet love of mine

-Needtobreathe; Multiplied-

This song has currently been on my heart! I had such the pleasure to see this band live a few years ago when their album “The Outsiders” came out. It was so great! Looking forward to seeing another show from them again! 🙂

“God of mercy sweet love of mine.
I have surrendered to Your design.
May this offering stretch across the skies.
These Hallelujahs be multiplied.”


my dear

Good evening! There are moments I am so grateful for amazing people in my life. Especially those I can talk to whenever I am able to. These amazing people in my life deserves to be applauded and they deserve many warm, long and tight hugs. 🙂

-Photo with some of my family-

I’m going to share this little note which I wrote almost a year ago.

[Written on 4.21.2015]
When you are with me…
Holding me tight during times of trouble.
That’s when I knew you are home to me.


take it all


“Take the hurt in my chest.
Take the pain in my eyes.
Take the fear in my soul.
Take the tears that I cry.
You call me out of my head and I was ready to fall.
Cause you are all that I need.
So take it all.
Take it All.”