Letter Four

How illuminating it is to see rays of light in front me. They are so bright and I don’t turn away, I don’t allow them to blind me anymore. I step forward with confidence and thankfulness to finally breathe.


-Photo by Me-


“A Gleam of Beauty”
Close the door!
Shut it tight.
You are mine, my darling.
The days are trying, and I am always present.
My love, you are whole to me.
And someday, you will be abundantly whole:
To a man who calls you, “my beloved, you give me light!”


After hearing the news of a forceful goodbye, erasing every hope and finally admitting I was no longer paralyzed by the past. I felt peace, calm, reassurance, more self-worth, finding my own, being thankful I am growing and so much better than I used to be. Finally having peace with myself and others.

How calm
my heart is
which sighs
for relief and
at the freedom
of finally flying.
-Haiku on Peace-

Letter Three

A Wednesday evening I had one of those instances where I just had a “light bulb” moment. A reflective moment. A moment where I just go “OH. I can see a little more clearly now.” In fact, a moment which I know my worth is so, SO much brighter from yesterday and even more brighter tomorrow because of God’s rich mercy He has given to me. My mind was quite preoccupied with my thoughts, but still letting my ears allow the Lord’s thoughts come in, too.

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prologue, part two

-Photo by Me, Quote by E.E. Cummings-


How absentminded a heart can be where emotions can slowly deteriorate your dignity as you helplessly cope an ending by yourself. Unable to understand the context of this poem. Echoes of, “You’re still in school, I’m away with my job” In reality, I never was alone.

That specific moment when I knew prayers of healing needed to begin with my new chapter in my life. Who knew the next chapters God has for me would be refreshing, loyal, determined, strong, committed and undeniably faithful. A fervent poise and revealing character I wish I knew so long ago.

Coming soon, “Regaining Sight”

Letter Two

Here is letter two (out of five)!

I wrote this poem seven months later about this same person.

Have you ever watched the movie “500 Days of Summer” Expectations vs. Reality Scene?
Well, I felt like I was Tom in this scene:
[500 Days of Summer Trailer]

I was allowing my daydreams to filter in every shape and form because I was going back to something that is familiar (yet again). Thankfully, I am learning to discrete myself from realistic interactions verses fiction. I’ve learned “it is what it is” motto and you can’t fix what’s broken. Even if you use super glue to put it back together you can still see a crack which is visible in your eyes.

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Letter One

Here it is! One of the five letters. I generally put the dates in bold and in brackets. Due to my own “dignity” of sorts, I’d like to keep that private.

I wrote this poem a while ago. At the time I was so upset that my “feelings” were still lingering inside me after that period of time, and I was even more frustrated because emotions are beautiful yet hard because your mind becomes blindsided and not realistic. I was also frustrated because feelings can become familiar, familiarity comes along with having comfort and having a state of being comfortable (without any good intention) is not healthy. Years have passed and I realize we all learn through past experiences and I am thankful that I am more aware of God’s desires than my own desires. I am aware of learning to be humble in everything I do. I hope. Continue reading “Letter One”

a collective thought

Photo by Dan Petru-

Or pertaining to a specific subject…

Hi! 🙂 I have something exciting to share with you real soon. These past years since I lived in the wonderful South. I have been writing poems and/or thoughts of a particular situation which I never felt I had closure about, or had the confidence to share outside of my realm of family and dearest friends. I have put a lot of prayer into these poems whether I should share them with you. I had to pull the string and not allow my indecisiveness compel me to back out on an opportunity to share a hardship I thought would never end and let someone out there know they aren’t alone. God has recently given me the freedom to fly, learning to be “Misha” again, and having an overwhelming sigh of relief for finally having a clean slate. It is quite refreshing!

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