firm strength and everlasting peace

My heart aches so much when I hear those I love losing someone they deeply love. When you have someone constantly present and they quickly become someone who is immediately absent. You learn to cling onto the memories you want to remember. The goodness of it all, the words left unsaid, or the words they regretfully said. Everything seems like a blur and I just cannot fathom how someone who continually reads an empty book filled with blank pages, and allowing ignorance in their hearts to not believe in conversations to God who will always listen. That is the beauty of prayer which is a powerful substance: to feel full again. Admitting there is a Heavenly Father who brings grace and mercy through all this hardship, and an emptiness no man can fill.

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the most holy, of all

Holy Week.
Greek translation: שבוע קדוש

This evening I was so blessed to be a part of PASSION for the High School Youth tonight. Here are a few pictures of the various rooms the leaders put together…

-Photo by Me-
Custom made crowns made from barb wire. Placed on each pew where the youth can wear the crown and hear the story from of Jesus’ death

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a triumphant praise

You see my hands?
The imprint of my palms is a seal of my delight for you, dear one.
|Isaiah 49:16 | Paraphrased|

If you ever feel like you are out of place and lonesome…
Pray to God and trust that He is with you always.
If you ever feel like you are not worthy…
Pray and ask God to open your eyes to the real beauty He has bestowed upon you.
If you ever feel like you aren’t where you want your life to be….
Pray and thank God that you will always have enough, and He is here to guard you and protect you!

God delights in us so fully. Don’t let your weary heart believe the lies the devil has temporarily placed. God loves us. We consume ourselves with unnecessary comforts. The only way our joy is full: when we know we are in His arms.



For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
[Ecclesiastes 3:1]
This Bible verse has been on my heart tonight. Hearing news with a loss of a loved one and an absence of a loved one from various church members makes me mourn for their tired eyes and what they are going through this trying time. It’s naturally unfair. We don’t choose death or choose to push people away. We love them, we want them to stay. Having our loved ones there and present brings joy in our hearts because it’s safe.

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hearts contentment

[2:30am thoughts]
Will I ever have the contentment that I am where I am for a reason?
Why do people find joy for putting someone down?
I am aware that I am so loved, but I don’t feel loved at all. I feel OKAY.
Why am I still up?
I’m thinking about the past too much.
Will I get to work on time? [fast forward: no]
Will I find the joy of always being available to do church events?
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