little one

-Photo by me.
With my niece-


[Written on: 8.14.2016]
My child,
Come to me.
You, full of laughter!
Bring your abounding joy in my arms;
for you are gentle and devoted.
-Haiku on Love-


Photo by Sonja Mildner-
[Written 2.8.2015]
Darling, dance!
Move your feet.
Shift your body,
I’ll follow the way
you move.
-Haiku on Love-

morning greetings

Happy early morning! Hope your week has been such a blessing filled with joy and happiness. 🙂

Photo by Sudip Dutta-


Good morning,
my love.
How beautiful it is
to feel like I’m home
in your arms:
ever so tightly,
ever so warmly.
-Haiku on Love-

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

lover of details

I am a seeker of His mercy, seeker of His grace, seeker of humility, seeker of kindness, seeker of goodness. As I seek so many attributes and conditioning myself to love fully and to embrace the essence of “I will always have enough.” At the end of the day I go back and forth by wanting so many tangible things and comparing myself by what others have or what others are capable of doing which I am not in any position to compose myself the same way. Continue reading “lover of details”