-Anna Golden; Yours Forever-

Hello 🙂 this past week I had a wonderful opportunity to be with a few of my STARS sisters and met a handful of new friends for this event where I learned a lot about them altogether and individually from their passions, interests and company. One of my exciting moments from the event is when we all woke up early Friday morning and gathered with other people devoting our hearts and songs to the Lord and I was so utterly moved! Thankfully, I was able to record a few of the songs the guest artist sung.

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MercyMe & Misha (Edited)
Guess WHAT! Earlier this year I went to see MercyMe in concert (second time) and I was able to get a picture with them and an autograph! Their concert was so amazing. As I stated before I am not a fan of sharing a picture of myself, but this picture is definitely an exception! 🙂 I must say, I did not realize how tall the band is. Looking at it now, it’s quite funny to see this picture.

Zealand Worship & Citizen Way were the opening acts and I was so happy to be there.

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solitary + yearning

“She won’t falter easy. she’ll be careful. she’ll be coy. But still she paints her heart among the musings of a boy. At the break of morning, the day awaits her when she sleeps. Deep inside her dreams is all the beauty that she keeps. If you find her, tell her that I love her. If she hears you, ask her heart to come.” 
[Future of Forestry | If You Find Her]

I have had a lot of time to mingle with new friends, long conversations with old ones and have the opportunity to be with my dear family.

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sweet love of mine

-Needtobreathe; Multiplied-

This song has currently been on my heart! I had such the pleasure to see this band live a few years ago when their album “The Outsiders” came out. It was so great! Looking forward to seeing another show from them again! 🙂

“God of mercy sweet love of mine.
I have surrendered to Your design.
May this offering stretch across the skies.
These Hallelujahs be multiplied.”


take it all


“Take the hurt in my chest.
Take the pain in my eyes.
Take the fear in my soul.
Take the tears that I cry.
You call me out of my head and I was ready to fall.
Cause you are all that I need.
So take it all.
Take it All.”


Dearest one, you graciously and lovingly persevered my weakened heart. Your mercy triggers my hollow wounds and fill them with joy. [James 1:2-3 | Paraphrased]

I must say: there are days I am so thankful to listen to Christian music on repeat, there are days I am so thankful for technology and the beauty of being able to communicate with a loved one from miles away, there are days I am so thankful for prayers, thankful for hugs, thankful for choosing life.

There are also days where I am angry, I am jealous, I doubt myself, and the list goes on. However, through my trying days and my joyous days. I do have a certainty of knowing God is beside me and He empties my aches and turns them into a warmth of goodness.

This song has been one of my favorites…

-Nichole Nordeman; We Fall Down-