Dearest one, you graciously and lovingly persevered my weakened heart. Your mercy triggers my hollow wounds and fill them with joy. [James 1:2-3 | Paraphrased]

I must say: there are days I am so thankful to listen to Christian music on repeat, there are days I am so thankful for technology and the beauty of being able to communicate with a loved one from miles away, there are days I am so thankful for prayers, thankful for hugs, thankful for choosing life.

There are also days where I am angry, I am jealous, I doubt myself, and the list goes on. However, through my trying days and my joyous days. I do have a certainty of knowing God is beside me and He empties my aches and turns them into a warmth of goodness.

This song has been one of my favorites…

-Nichole Nordeman; We Fall Down-



“Our creator is in our midst. He will gladly rejoice, and mightily sing while he exults over you with his quiet spirit with love.” [Zephaniah 3:17 | Paraphrased]
Happy Thursday! Today I am thankful that God is so near, He loves us with such intensity and calls us worthy. I am also thankful for talents God has given us. Those talents which gives us the ability to share our faith, and within the gifts we share they do bring pain, the joys, the laughter, the warmth, and happiness.
I couldn’t ask for anything better than to rejoice and slow dance to a comforting melody which never leaves my ears and tugs my heart with a reveling affect.


Confidently allow yourself to be poised,
and your words be graceful in every response you give.
[Colossians 4:6 | Paraphrased]
I have been looking through old pictures this evening, and this picture is a glimpse of my earlier years when I was in high school and way before I knew what “ooooh boyfriend” or “ooooh shopping with friends!” type of attitude.
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firm strength and everlasting peace

My heart aches so much when I hear those I love losing someone they deeply love. When you have someone constantly present and they quickly become someone who is immediately absent. You learn to cling onto the memories you want to remember. The goodness of it all, the words left unsaid, or the words they regretfully said. Everything seems like a blur and I just cannot fathom how someone who continually reads an empty book filled with blank pages, and allowing ignorance in their hearts to not believe in conversations to God who will always listen. That is the beauty of prayer which is a powerful substance: to feel full again. Admitting there is a Heavenly Father who brings grace and mercy through all this hardship, and an emptiness no man can fill.

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satisfying praise

As I awake, my heart is filled with gladness
as I sing joyously of your immense love
which satisfies my longing all the days of my life.
|Psalm 90:14 | Paraphrased|

How blessed to be given His word daily. I woke up really early this morning and began my day being fed deeply into God’s word. Fear will always be present, but striving through that fear is a satisfying pleasure knowing God will always be even more present than he already is!

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a devoted heart

How thankful my heart is to alert my mind by devoting my prayers only to you.
|Colossians 4:2 | Paraphrased|

Devotion is a beautiful testimony. I am thankful I have a joyous heart where I can praise the Lord and devote my time and energy to use my talents. I am also thankful for having a helpless heart where I can depend on the Lord during my trying days.


Photo by James Chan-
Praying for a beautiful Wednesday!