hearts contentment

[2:30am thoughts]
Will I ever have the contentment that I am where I am for a reason?
Why do people find joy for putting someone down?
I am aware that I am so loved, but I don’t feel loved at all. I feel OKAY.
Why am I still up?
I’m thinking about the past too much.
Will I get to work on time? [fast forward: no]
Will I find the joy of always being available to do church events?
Will I be able to have this many opportunities in the future? Continue reading “hearts contentment”

a fiery encounter & a weak response

Alert your heart and mind. There are schemes and foolishness in this world. Be aware, take notice; the lion preys your neighbors weakness and will devour your vulnerable will. Pray, cast your troubles to thee who knows your true heart. [1 Peter 5:7-9 | Paraphrased]

-Photo by Me-

Tonight I had such an opportunity (and blessing!) to be able to gather with the women I spent morning and night this past weekend. It was refreshing, it was encouraging, I felt warmth and comfort knowing that the devil was full steam ahead not only for me this week, but my fellow sisters in Christ. I am not saying I wish for hardships to those I know and have met, but a sense that we’re in this together, knowing we are all prayer warriors and proudly proclaim we aren’t the weakest link.

Praying for a richly blessed Friday and God uplifts your heart in everything you do!


rich mercies

Your love brings true devotion. How faithful you are by your mercies which you’ve freely given to us every morning! |Lamentations 3:22-23 | Paraphrased|
Good morning! This is one of my favorite Bible verses! Praying for a richly blessed Wednesday filled with the warmth of God’s love!

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seeking wisdom

As I choose to seek my own ways, the Lord continually whispers to my heart and says, “I am the way. Seek my truth.” |Isaiah 55:8-9 | Paraphrased|

Happy Saturday! I had a heart to heart with the Lord early this morning!

I’ve learned this week that my own concept of timing and what I need to do in my life will never be my own. The decisions will always be the Lord’s. He proves His will in every way imaginable. It’s quite significant and I’m happy to know Christ is molding me in every shape and form to be the best Proverbs 31 woman I can be.