my dear

Good evening! There are moments I am so grateful for amazing people in my life. Especially those I can talk to whenever I am able to. These amazing people in my life deserves to be applauded and they deserve many warm, long and tight hugs. 🙂

-Photo with some of my family-

I’m going to share this little note which I wrote almost a year ago.

[Written on 4.21.2015]
When you are with me…
Holding me tight during times of trouble.
That’s when I knew you are home to me.



Over the summer I had the privilege of going to various churches and identifying how my faith was. Learning the doctrines and customs. How they identify baptism and communion, how their prayer life is and how passionate they love God our father, how they willingly serve and present the love Jesus displayed for us, and how the holy spirit fueled us to understand compassion.

-Photo by Me-

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prologue, part two

-Photo by Me, Quote by E.E. Cummings-

How absentminded a heart can be where emotions can slowly deteriorate your dignity as you helplessly cope an ending by yourself. Unable to understand the context of this poem. Echoes of, “You’re still in school, I’m away with my job” In reality, I never was alone.

That specific moment when I knew prayers of healing needed to begin with my new chapter in my life. Who knew the next chapters God has for me would be refreshing, loyal, determined, strong, committed and undeniably faithful. A fervent poise and revealing character I wish I knew so long ago.

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I wrote this poem a few months ago with the idea of being comforted by someone we love, for them to be there for us as long as we need them. Someone who gives us warmth, reassurance, a calm whisper of “I am here, hold tight – it will get easier.”
[Written on 5.4.2015]
Oh, my heart!
My dearest love!
You are too precious to shed tears.
I am here to comfort your fragile words which are left unsaid.
I will whisper the many joys you bring into my life.
Be silent with me.
I will hold you as long as your heart feels warmth, once again.


I wrote this in February, an early Monday morning… I was thinking about self-worth, encouragement and how we respond towards those who are in our life. There are people who are temporary or permanent and either way they leave an imprint in our hearts. A response towards words of love or words of bitterness. Which do you choose to listen to?

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Good morning, it’s Saturday and I’m thankful the sun is revealing itself through the clouds with their beams of light! Enjoy! 🙂

[Written on: 1.17.2015]
How my heart beats of your unfailing goodness.
How my feet pace in the direction of your love.
How my ears hear chants of praise
How my eyes see the wonder of your presence.
How my heart adores your faithfulness.
How my soul delights in the immensity of your humility.
How gracious you are, the One, who loves me so richly.


wrestling separation

Some parts of a (rough draft) poem I wrote this past week…

[Written on: 6.4.2015]
“Lord, I know you are near, but I made myself become quite distant.
Casually walking backwards as far away from you…
I want to be at home again.
I want to feel the warmth rushing through my skin.
I want to have that conviction where I’ll always have a room, in your kingdom.
A security I blindly unappreciated…”

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This Saturday evening, I had a lot of time to think about life and how I was a fool in the past. Due to recent events by realizing a guy should treat his gal the way she should be treated (respected, worthy, gracious) rather than him being the center of the gal’s life and she just surrounds herself to him and his needs. These characteristics begs an argument: What is the reaction when you are a girl verses the reaction when you are a woman.
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