a genuine possession

Happy Sunday! 🙂

For a few months I had this idea. Well, a thought kept coming in the back of my head and kept repeating “Invisible Band” I was clueless as to why the Lord has been echoing these words to me. Initially when you think of bands as an earthly view… you think of wedding bands: commitment, loyalty and some other words which categorizes marriage. There are times (because I’m super weird) that I felt like there was a wedding band on my fourth finger although it was not visible and then I had a light bulb moment and the echoing words of “invisible band” made sense to me.

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firm strength and everlasting peace

My heart aches so much when I hear those I love losing someone they deeply love. When you have someone constantly present and they quickly become someone who is immediately absent. You learn to cling onto the memories you want to remember. The goodness of it all, the words left unsaid, or the words they regretfully said. Everything seems like a blur and I just cannot fathom how someone who continually reads an empty book filled with blank pages, and allowing ignorance in their hearts to not believe in conversations to God who will always listen. That is the beauty of prayer which is a powerful substance: to feel full again. Admitting there is a Heavenly Father who brings grace and mercy through all this hardship, and an emptiness no man can fill.

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satisfying praise

As I awake, my heart is filled with gladness
as I sing joyously of your immense love
which satisfies my longing all the days of my life.

|Psalm 90:14 | Paraphrased|

How blessed to be given His word daily. I woke up really early this morning and began my day being fed deeply into God’s word. Fear will always be present, but striving through that fear is a satisfying pleasure knowing God will always be even more present than he already is!

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a collective thought

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Or pertaining to a specific subject…

Hi! 🙂 I have something exciting to share with you real soon. These past years since I lived in the wonderful South. I have been writing poems and/or thoughts of a particular situation which I never felt I had closure about, or had the confidence to share outside of my realm of family and dearest friends. I have put a lot of prayer into these poems whether I should share them with you. I had to pull the string and not allow my indecisiveness compel me to back out on an opportunity to share a hardship I thought would never end and let someone out there know they aren’t alone. God has recently given me the freedom to fly, learning to be “Misha” again, and having an overwhelming sigh of relief for finally having a clean slate. It is quite refreshing!

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Don’t wrestle with my absence,
“Wherever you will be, I will confidently go,
and if you decide to stay: I will confidently abide.”
|Ruth 1:16 | Paraphrased|
Happy Sunday, y’all!
What a refreshing opportunity to know we are able to serve the Lord. I am quite guilty of making excuses (hence the last post), but thankful with all confidence that I will follow Christ in whichever path he chooses me to go. The story about Naomi and Ruth is one of my favorite Bible passages about commitment, faithfulness and, most importantly: loyalty.

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