my dear

Good evening! There are moments I am so grateful for amazing people in my life. Especially those I can talk to whenever I am able to. These amazing people in my life deserves to be applauded and they deserve many warm, long and tight hugs. 🙂

-Photo with some of my family-

I’m going to share this little note which I wrote almost a year ago.

[Written on 4.21.2015]
When you are with me…
Holding me tight during times of trouble.
That’s when I knew you are home to me.


a memorable endeavor

After a somewhat long drive, we enjoyed an evening where we were gathered together with mutual friends. Filling our hearts, minds and appetite with laughter.

The laughter kept echoing from one ear out to the other and quickly became a distant humming. There was finally silence and there was only us. Ten feet away from each other. Admiring the bonfire, the quiet noises of the bugs and the night sky.

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Oh my, my, MY GOODNESS.

This dear friend of mine.. Oh how richly blessed to look back and see how God works through me and my so called schedule in life. How easily he fits people in like a glove when you need it. Every Saturday morning I committed myself to attend a women’s Bible study and be surrounded in a room filled with beautiful ladies who are wise, genuine, raw, beautiful, have such insight and perspective.

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[Owing thanks, or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service.]
Happy Tuesday! November is an obvious month filled with gratitude and a popular holiday celebrating “Thanksgiving” and I decided to use Tuesdays for being “thankful” for the people I deeply care and love. 🙂
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a period of respect

Hi y’all! 🙂 I have a new collection of writings I am going to post on my blog.

I have learned life is filled with incredible and exhausting chapters.
You begin chapters towards specific topics/people in your life which will be ongoing throughout it all.
You continue with chapters of long term where you never thought would ever stay in the past.
You chuckle with joy when there are chapters that are short and sweet.
You bravely continue with chapters which make you feel like you’re standing still and never moving, however, with the details within the chapters they become more clear and significant for your future.

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