eventide 7-29-16

Happy Friday! I want to say that I adore sunsets, and I try to take as many photos as possible. When I was growing up I had an amazing view of the sunset every night. Although, I am no longer residing in the small town and be enamored by the endless beauty. I am so thankful there are different locations where I can view beautiful sunsets and this sight is one of my favorites!

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bountiful goodness + mercy

Hello 🙂 One of my previous blogs I paraphrased Ruth 1:16 (favorite Bible verse!) and I was so excited to find a beautiful little gem at Mardel’s… a new addition to my car. 🙂

bountiful goodness + mercy 7-25-16

In other news, life has been wonderful. I am continually thanking God for these little blessings in my life and what ever endeavor he has for me in the future.

When I think of Ruth 1:16, I am in complete awe by the obedience she had for Naomi and to God. It’s so refreshing to see her faith and how God held her hand so tightly along the way and she didn’t let go. There are times in my life that I want to let go, I casually refused to be obedient and run somewhere that is easier. In reality: I should face different situations which will help me learn to grow and to understand my own character that is pleasing in God’s eyes.

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solitary + yearning

“She won’t falter easy. she’ll be careful. she’ll be coy. But still she paints her heart among the musings of a boy. At the break of morning, the day awaits her when she sleeps. Deep inside her dreams is all the beauty that she keeps. If you find her, tell her that I love her. If she hears you, ask her heart to come.” 
[Future of Forestry | If You Find Her]

I have had a lot of time to mingle with new friends, long conversations with old ones and have the opportunity to be with my dear family.

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together, we are triumphant

-Text by me // Made with Studio App
Lately, I have been feeling a heaviness on my mind where I have been guilty of worry + doubt about my current life, or what will happen with my future and where I should go. I have learned to appreciate His good and gracious will towards me and I need to learn to  b r e a t h e.

I also know my contentment this evening won’t last. That’s a flaw of our flesh where we allow our “timetable” to be in control rather than God’s. His Will, will always be timeless. We just need to let go of our blind optimism.

There are certainly moments in life that I receive a tug of God’s calming love and I don’t allow it to be within me because I am not trusting Him. However, I am grateful that God allows these moments of His calming love in my heart. Everyday. A simple reminder of Him saying, “I am here. Come, my child. You are SO loved!”

Remember: we are richly blessed and God knows our weaknesses and changes them into strength. When we’re on His side, we will always know we will be triumphant!



Hello! Last week I had such a joy of experiencing my first winter in so many years. My first initial reaction was “Yup. I’m ready to move back to warmer weather.” My second reaction was “This is unacceptable and I need to wear warmer clothes because I don’t know how to handle this.” Third reaction “Suck it up! You made this decision.”
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Currently: I am in awe with life and what has been happening so far.
During the end of 2015 I’ve learned a lesson for myself… a “junk food satisfaction”. A curiosity which should have been concealed, a curiosity of wanting to be right and a curiosity of licking an old wound which should’ve been let go years ago.
I didn’t. I am not proud, but I’m learning.
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a period of respect

Hi y’all! 🙂 I have a new collection of writings I am going to post on my blog.

I have learned life is filled with incredible and exhausting chapters.
You begin chapters towards specific topics/people in your life which will be ongoing throughout it all.
You continue with chapters of long term where you never thought would ever stay in the past.
You chuckle with joy when there are chapters that are short and sweet.
You bravely continue with chapters which make you feel like you’re standing still and never moving, however, with the details within the chapters they become more clear and significant for your future.

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