-Elevation Worship; Give Me Faith-

This song was played at Bible study and my heart was singing.

“I need You. To soften my heart and break me apart. I need You. To open my eyes, to see that You’re shaping my life. All I am, I surrender”

Happy Saturday! Praying for wonderful things and safety for your festivities or leisure today. 🙂



Don’t wrestle with my absence,
“Wherever you will be, I will confidently go,
and if you decide to stay: I will confidently abide.”
|Ruth 1:16 | Paraphrased|
Happy Sunday, y’all!
What a refreshing opportunity to know we are able to serve the Lord. I am quite guilty of making excuses (hence the last post), but thankful with all confidence that I will follow Christ in whichever path he chooses me to go. The story about Naomi and Ruth is one of my favorite Bible passages about commitment, faithfulness and, most importantly: loyalty.

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alive and new

This song has been on my heart!

-Matt Maher; Because He Lives-

Holy week is my favorite time of year. This evening I was with my dearest friends and we all watched The Passion of the Christ and it’s quite rewarding to see how my faith was 11 years ago when I watched this movie. I am still striving, learning, and even more thankful to understand His good and gracious will in spite of my flaws, in spite of my worries, in spite of my trials!

I believe in the Son. I believe in the risen One. I believe I overcome.
By the power of His blood. Amen, Amen!
I’m alive, I’m alive because He lives! Amen, Amen!
Let my song join the one that never ends because He lives!


-Bethel Music; You Don’t Miss a Thing-

“When You stand, I feel the floor of Heaven tremble. As You breathe, we live and have our being. When you speak, oh I feel it in my chest. When You sing: All my fears are put to rest.”

I am currently anticipating this weekend: rejoicing, praising and renewing my heart to the One who loves me unconditionally. Lately, I have been feeling as if I’m spiritually drowning, unable to breathe and I just need a cleanse of my faith, reason why? I just don’t need my heart to waver deeper in the confines of being comfortable and being so on course of a set schedule… makes me realize (little by little) I’m distracted.