Today I am thankful for my beautiful sister. A week ago from today she passed away suddenly and I am deeply saddened by her absence, but I am very  happy knowing her presence is in the arms of our Lord, our Heavenly Father. She is no longer chained with sin and tribulation.

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first light

[Written on: 3.14.2015]
Morning anew,
tired eyes,
a thirst for breath
and a giving
-Haiku on Devotion-

Good morning! There has been so much that has been happening these past few weeks. Prayers for my heart to continually allow the fruits of the spirit to be steadfast (Galatians 5:22-23) I have realized those little blessings, every little blessing we receive brings a significant meaning for eternity.

I hope you have a marvelous Wednesday. Ending this post with a picture I took a few years ago of a beautiful foggy sunrise. 🙂

-Photo by Me-



Good morning, it’s Saturday and I’m thankful the sun is revealing itself through the clouds with their beams of light! Enjoy! 🙂

[Written on: 1.17.2015]
How my heart beats of your unfailing goodness.
How my feet pace in the direction of your love.
How my ears hear chants of praise
How my eyes see the wonder of your presence.
How my heart adores your faithfulness.
How my soul delights in the immensity of your humility.
How gracious you are, the One, who loves me so richly.