I have so much admiration when it comes to leadership. Gaining knowledge, respect, character, integrity, compassion and striving to be the best you can be without any initiative of betrayal, or “me” centered attitude. This video topic from TED Talk definitely gives a great example of Leadership being a choice than a rank.

Sometimes, I see people lose sight when they have a position and rank that specific position. Assuming their quality title is above their colleagues. I’ve seen leaders become greedy and because of their greed they show nepotism. I’ve seen people do whatever they can to be in the highest ranking position without any respect for those on their team, and due to disrespect becomes lack of trust.

I love going back to this video to remind myself of why I am where I am. Why I chose to be in this particular position at work, or why I am choosing to be in this or that position in church (voluntarily). Whether you are a leader, or a person on the sidelines… it’s your choice by having an graceful attitude and response with everything. Sometimes it’s crucial to be self-aware, but more importantly understand respect not only for yourself, but by who you are presenting in your job, in church or what ever philanthropy you do. It’s terribly crucial to gain a team who values your opinion and theirs.