a genuine possession

Happy Sunday! 🙂

For a few months I had this idea. Well, a thought kept coming in the back of my head and kept repeating “Invisible Band” I was clueless as to why the Lord has been echoing these words to me. Initially when you think of bands as an earthly view… you think of wedding bands: commitment, loyalty and some other words which categorizes marriage. There are times (because I’m super weird) that I felt like there was a wedding band on my fourth finger although it was not visible and then I had a light bulb moment and the echoing words of “invisible band” made sense to me.

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Don’t wrestle with my absence,
“Wherever you will be, I will confidently go,
and if you decide to stay: I will confidently abide.”
|Ruth 1:16 | Paraphrased|
Happy Sunday, y’all!
What a refreshing opportunity to know we are able to serve the Lord. I am quite guilty of making excuses (hence the last post), but thankful with all confidence that I will follow Christ in whichever path he chooses me to go. The story about Naomi and Ruth is one of my favorite Bible passages about commitment, faithfulness and, most importantly: loyalty.

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to be absent

Renew goodness within us in the purest way. |Psalm 51:10 | Paraphrased|

Everyone gets so busy with their own schedules, and when their schedule doesn’t work. It obviously is a setback…
When I think of this (Psalm 51:10) Bible verse, I think of His goodness, He created us and He is molding us to be the best we can be, but we cling to our ways to what ‘checks us out’

of our spiritual comfort zone…

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For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
[Ecclesiastes 3:1]
This Bible verse has been on my heart tonight. Hearing news with a loss of a loved one and an absence of a loved one from various church members makes me mourn for their tired eyes and what they are going through this trying time. It’s naturally unfair. We don’t choose death or choose to push people away. We love them, we want them to stay. Having our loved ones there and present brings joy in our hearts because it’s safe.

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lover of details

I am a seeker of His mercy, seeker of His grace, seeker of humility, seeker of kindness, seeker of goodness. As I seek so many attributes and conditioning myself to love fully and to embrace the essence of “I will always have enough.” At the end of the day I go back and forth by wanting so many tangible things and comparing myself by what others have or what others are capable of doing which I am not in any position to compose myself the same way. Continue reading “lover of details”

the potter

While I was looking through various Bible verses one evening, a thought came to my mind of “You are the Potter and I am the Clay” mindset and so I wrote this short poem.
Enjoy! 🙂
[Written on: 1.13.2015]
“the potter”
How lovely you are
to be pieced together
by the hands who knows your heart and
the One
who comforts your soul.
designing you for something eternal.

Photo by Alexandre Jaeger Venruscolo-


 I wrote this poem (on the plane), in perspective of someone who is about to begin a new chapter with their beloved. Not by their appearance.. by their character, their attributes and their actions. Also having the security, safety, and a bold thank you for letting this person join “my life with yours.”

Actually, I wrote this for my two dearest friends who are getting married this July! 🙂


Photo by Nathan Walker-

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