Letter Three

A Wednesday evening I had one of those instances where I just had a “light bulb” moment. A reflective moment. A moment where I just go “OH. I can see a little more clearly now.” In fact, a moment which I know my worth is so, SO much brighter from yesterday and even more brighter tomorrow because of God’s rich mercy He has given to me. My mind was quite preoccupied with my thoughts, but still letting my ears allow the Lord’s thoughts come in, too.

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Confidently allow yourself to be poised,
and your words be graceful in every response you give.
[Colossians 4:6 | Paraphrased]
I have been looking through old pictures this evening, and this picture is a glimpse of my earlier years when I was in high school and way before I knew what “ooooh boyfriend” or “ooooh shopping with friends!” type of attitude.
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